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Expert Witness and Litigation Consulting in the Areas of Police Policies, Practices and Procedures, Pharmaceutical Company Consultant for Diversion Control, Special Operations Police Training, Drug Law Enforcement Training, Special Investigations, Executive Protection Services and Security Training.




J.A. Williams, LLC, provides a wide variety of consulting and expert services focusing in the areas of Police Policy, Practice, Procedure and Training. We have over thirty (30) years of service experience and expertise covering Wrongful Death - Wrongful Shooting & Firearms
- Excessive Use of Force - Arrest, Search & Seizure - Wrongful
Imprisonment - Police Misconduct - Civil Rights Violations - Qualified Immunity, and Vehicle Pursuits.

Working with such law enforcement entities as the US Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration, the Central Intelligence
Agency and the Burlington Township (NJ) Police Department, JA
Williams, LLC has collaborated with local, state, national and
international law enforcement agencies.

Dr. Williams has been admitted in federal courts as a police expert
and has met state and federal court standards of the Daubert
Challenges. Of 48 cases in which Mr.. Williams has offered opinions in the past four years, 30 received high profile attention. These
included: 12 Police Misconduct; 9 Wrongful Death; 4 Excessive Use of Force; 2 False Arrest; 1 Wrongful Imprisonment (14 years); 1 Wrongful Shooting and 1 Wrongful Arrest.

Dr. Williams' Expert Opinions have been referenced and cited in State Appellate Court findings and decisions on Police Qualified Immunity.

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